We find over 75% of the people we counsel are underinsured.

Millions of lawsuits are filed in the United States each year at an estimated cost of about $150 billion.  According to a national sampling the mean compensatory award exceeds $700,000 and has grown every year since 1991. About 40% of compensatory judgments exceed $100,000 & more than 10% are above $1 million. These figures don't include punitive awards or legal fees.


The biggest misperception people have is that they won't be sued or that the lawsuit won't have merit. Your auto and homeowners policies have at least some liability insurance that would be used to settle legal claims.  But what happens if that settlement was in excess of that coverage?


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Umbrella policies are not expensive. Like lawsuits, they're not only for the high profile or well-to-do individual.

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