Identity theft can happen to anyone at any time.

ID Theft has been the fastest growing crime in America for 7 straight years.  According to the FTC, a breach in data occurs once in every 8 seconds.  Over 35 million records have been compromised in the past 4 years.

Unfortunately, due to insufficient incident reporting data, and a lack of understanding of the complexity of claims, the insurance market has not reacted to a growing risk for companies of all industries and sizes.  Organizations as complex and large as your company have had a very difficult time finding insurance solutions that are carry large enough limits, coverage breadth, and flexibility.


At ICR Bridge we realized that all employers have the same four key areas of risk:  Institutional liability and post-breach expense, Technology security, Human Resource and corporate privacy policy verification, and lost productivity from employees who suffer ID Theft.  Through a series of proprietary partnerships and unique value propositions, ICR offers solutions for all four key areas of risk.


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